When Doves Fly


 *Board of Directors for Black Flight Attendants of America, Inc.*


Jacqueline Jacquet-Williams                            Founder – President LAX Chapter

Sandra Stewart-Tyler                                                                          Co-Founder

Ayanna Edwards                                                         President – NJ/NY Chapter

Shaakira Edison                       Vice-President, Founder-President DTW Chapter

Cheryl Mayfield                             Founder-President CHARLOTTE, NC Chapter

Jodie Laster                                   Founding Chapter and President ATL Chapter

Diane Hunter            Founding Chapter and Secretary, Legends Co-Chairperson

Margaret Janus Minor        Founding Chapter and Financial Secretary/Treasurer

Earnie Growe                                                      Founding Chapter and Chaplain

Donna King Dixon                                                                     Founding Chapter

Barbara Stewart                                                                        Founding Chapter

Louise Phipps                                                    Legends Committee Chairperson

Patricia Edmiston-Banks                              Legends Committee Co-Chairperson

Captain Fred Pitcher                                   Legends Committee Co-Chairperson

Jean Hogg                                                                                               Historian

Pamela Holmes                                                  Founding Chapter and Historian

Melvia Pinkard                                                                           Sergeant-of-Arms

Joan J. Simpson                                   Founding Chapter Organizational Advisor

Casey Grant                                                                        Global Correspondent

Larry E. Williams, Esq.                                                                     Legal Advisor

Gwen Lipscomb             Membership & Communication Committee Chairperson

Joan J. Simpson                                                               Organizational Advisor

Larry E. Williams, Esq.                                                                    Legal Counsel


 *MUST HAVE ATTENDED A NATIONAL CONVENTION unless a Founder or Honorary per constitution/By Laws


Contact: Jacqueline  (323-299-3406)


The mission of Black Flight Attendants of America, Inc., is to “lead a committed life” by expanding educational opportunities through travel for underprivileged communities across the country and "Promote the legacy of Black History in Aviation globally".




We envision a time when all children will experience equal opportunities to acquire a good education and productive life. BFAOA, Inc. extends membership to all aviation professionals and interested community members. We strive to...

"Serving the Skies and the Community" and promoting the legacy of black history in aviation.




Black Flight Attendants Of America, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.


Black Flight Attendants of America, Inc. 3818 Crenshaw Blvd #439 Los Angeles, CA 90008