BFAOA 50th Anniversary


We are happy to announce that one of our members, Casey Grant, has started a campaign for February 16, 2022 to be honored as International Black Aviation Day. Her Goal is to have her book Stars and Beyond - Stories of Black Heroes in Aviation available for students' use as a resource for Black Aviation History.


When Doves Fly paid tribute to our first respondents on the airplanes.  We commemorated the 20th anniversary of 9/11 reflecting and remembering the attack on U.S. soil on September 11, 2001. This devastating event has left  an indelible mark in our lives, country and the travel industry.  Let's do our part to ensure that WE SHALL NEVER FORGET.

We'll salute each fallen flight crew member (the first respondents on the airplanes in the line of duty)  by name the last ten minutes of the show.

International Black Aviation Day (IBAD) February 16, 2023

BFOA, Inc would like to encourage all flight attendants, to get involved and spread the word about International Black Aviation Day on your social media and with your family, friends and schools. We encourage you to also take it a step further and contact your local Black museum to support Black aviation history and specifically the Black flight attendants history and our contribution to aviation. We would like to schedule a traveling exhibit and lecture to the Black museums throughout the country once the pandemic has eased up.

Annual Villager Awards 2022


On behalf of the 2022 Villager Awards Planning Committee, we are pleased to inform you that The Black Flight Attendants of America were honored at the 2022 Villager Award Gala on May 28, 2022 at the beautiful Hilton Long Beach International Ballroom at 701 W Ocean Blvd Long Beach CA 90831. This award is given annually to individuals and organizations deemed exemplars of “Lifting as we Climb!” The Black Flight Attendants of America are a very important and inspirational part of our nation’s history.

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